Linda Rosewall’s artistic path was cemented as a young girl, as she was born into a musical family. Her father, a very accomplished musician and composer, raised his six children to be a performing, singing and dancing family act, entertaining audiences on television and coast-to-coast tours. It was a nomadic existence – traveling across the United States and Canada as her father piloted a Cessna 127 single engine airplane. Looking back at her extraordinary childhood, performing with Sonny and Cher, as well as Victor Borga, were the most memorable moments for her. Whether Linda was on the road, in the sky, or in her hometown city of Chicago, she loved to paint, draw, design clothes, shoes, and interiors. Eventually, at the age of 17, she began exploring the art of photography, and worked in a loft studio with photographer Norman Bilisko. She wore many hats, working as the stylist, assistant, makeup artist, and creative director. From there, she moved to New York and collaborated as a stylist and makeup artist with photographers such as Dennis Manarchy, Lorraine Sylvestre and Raymond Meier. Working in Paris for the house of Christian Dior, as well as working on the first revolutionary Nike campaign featuring Michael Jordan, were important catalysts for the start of Linda’s career. She opened her first studio in Sydney, Australia in 1994, and her first still-life images were published by VOGUE Australia and then followed by Harper’s BAZAAR, China VOGUE, GQ, Marie Claire, Grazia, Women’s Health, and Men’s Health magazines. Inspired by the Australian landscape, Linda’s photography featuring its beautiful fauna and flora caught the eye of the skincare and cosmetics industries. Today, Linda continues to work in her studio in New York City, inspiring others through the life and beauty emerging from her photography.