Linda Rosewall’s artistic path was cemented as a young girl as she was born into a musical family.


Her father, Lou Prohut, a very accomplished musician, composer and private pilot,

raised his six children to become a performing, singing and dancing family act.


The Prohut Family toured throughout the United States and Canada in a Cessna 206

single engine airplane while performing for over nine years.

This was a nomadic existence but also filled with incredible experiences.


Linda captured these moments on her little Kodak Instamatic camera and are the roots of her

Photographic pathway.


At the age of 18, she enrolled at Columbia College of Fine Arts \ Chicago and began

assisting photographer Norman Bilisko.

This was the introduction to the world of analogue color printing. It also was the initial basis for creating photographic themes, styling, and doing the makeup for model shoots.


Not long after this period, she found herself working in New York, Paris and London with great photographers like Dennis Manarchy, Gregory Heisler, Lorraine Sylvestre and Raymond Meier.


She opened her first studio in Sydney, Australia in 1994.


Vogue Australia began featuring her still life images. Harper’s Bazaar, Elle,

Marie Claire, GQ, Grazia, Women’s and Men’s Health Australia as well as China Vogue have all published her work from Beauty to Still Life.


Eventually, inspired by the Australian landscape, Linda’s photography moved further within her still life and beauty repertoire to investigate studies which then the skincare, cosmetics and fragrance clients began to feature for their advertising campaigns.


The botanical studies, food projects and beauty sector have evolved over the years to become the central theme of her work .


Linda Rosewall is based in Italy and works in Europe and New York.